StarCraft Cheat Codes

Black Sheep Wall – Shows entire map.

Breathe deep – Add gas 500.

Food for thought – Frees from population limit.

Game over man – Makes you loose the current scenario.

Medieval man – Develops all special ability of units.

Modify the phase variance – Enalbes to building any structure regardless of techtree.

Operation CWAL – Speeds up building structures and producing.

Power overwhelming - No damage.

Show me the money – Adds mineral 10000, gas 10000.

스타크래프트 치트키

Something for nothing – Upgrades one level ability of all units.

Staying Alive – Enable to continue game after victory or defeat was decided.

The Gathering – Enable to use units and technique regardless of resource limit.

There is no cow level – Completes the mission you are on.

Ophelia – Enable to jump over any mission freely. Type ophelia and press enter, then type following name of the mission.

  • terran # – Terran missions (1-10)
  • zerg # – Zerg missions (1-10)
  • protoss # – Protoss missions (1-10)
  • xterran #, xzerg #, xprotoss # – Broodwar mission

Radio Free Zerg – listens to Zerg background music (only when you play Zerg)

Whats mine is mine – Adds mineral 500.

War aint what it used to be – Removes the fog

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